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Lumsdonia Railway

A web page for my indulgence and sharing ideas and irregular updates on my Model railway

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A quiet two town private Railway situated in the green valleys of Wales in a high setting of my loft!

Welcome to the Lumsdonia Railway the Layout

The Lumsdonia Railway is a fictitious, privately owned railway company based somewhere in Britain around the 1950’s and 60’s

The layout is modelled in OO gauge and consists of two twin lines at two levels that are in reality one loop, but hidden from sight, is a third lower level that has a huge storage capability.

There are two Stations, a goods yard with turntable and head shunts near the main station and a small engine servicing yard a little way from the second high level station.

The layout incorporates a multitude of tunnels and a myriad of bridges

Trains will be a mix of steam and Diesels and be around 5 carriages long or up to 20 goods wagons. As there is nearly 100 meters of track, approximately 12 trains can be running continuously, being as there will only be one operator, DCC will be used and some considerable automation in the form of nearly 50 block controls! The lower storage yard will have 12 tracks, each holding up to two trains.

Every point will be controlled by a number of mimic panels with switches. Full automation of all scenic's will be implemented such as:- Road lights, house lights, action figures, level crossings,welding, neon signs, and environmental sounds. (About 50 separately timed or randomised items all related to the main lights dimming over a 24hr cycle condensed into about 2 real hours)

There will be a further panel to switch every control between On-Off-Auto, with auto being driven by a timed sequence programmed on a computer.

Train control will be with NCE with at least three 5 Amp boosters, all other controls will be standard DC (12VDC)

Track is all Peco 100 with “live frog” points and Servo point motors.

Rolling stock is nearly all purchased. Although I have started, a complete inventory is not complete yet, but it is approximately 40+ Loco’s and about 1,200+ rolling stock.

Some Locos may have to go to finance the yet to be purchased 39 point motors!

All track and scenery is in stock, so are the servo’s, starter NCE and electronics

I would like to get some Faller road system in as well, but spare board space will be at a premium, so may not come off!

98% of the design is done for both layout and electrics and I will slowly transfer all the nitty gritty to this site for all of you who are nosey!

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Last updated 23/02/2018

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Welcome to the Lumsdonia home page! This website was originally set up for my indulgence, to show my layout plans and pictorial progress, but has rapidly turned into a Railway modeller beginners resource of helpful information as well! With dozens of pages of guides, tips and links for those setting out in the hobby. Please do hover over the above tabs and investigate all there is and if you find anything useful, please leave some comments or contact me, I would love to hear from you or join in the New Railway Modellers Forums for lots of help and individual advice.